Thursday, December 21, 2006

Libertarian Party

I have received many calls, comments and e-mails reacting to my decision to join the Libertarian Party and serve on its National Committee; all but a handful of these have been very positive. One reason for this positive response has been the fact that my decision was based not on a desire to improve my chances to be elected to office -- a frequent motivation for many of those who switch from Democrat to Republcian or vice versa -- or on a change in my philosophy of governing. My desire to work for maximizing individual freedom and liberty and minimizing government power and intrusion into citizens' lives, has not changed. I have simply found that the only party in America that is truly, deeply and consistently supportive of that philosophy, is the Libertarian party. The Republican Party, in which I labored proudly for decades, and for which I still have deep respect, has lost its way and strayed far from a philosophy rooted in a similar desire for minimizing government power and maximizing individual liberty. I saw nothing that offered hope the Republican Party had any interest at all in even beginning the process of returning to its philosophical roots or to work to restore the checks and balances envisioned by our Founding Fathers. The Libertarian Party, on the other hand, offers not only that hope, but that reality.


Jason Gatties said...

I for one welcome you with open arms.

Gary Dowdy said...

I've been one of your campaign volunteers twice. I got involved because as an NRA member, I realized I have a part in preserving our rights, much more a part than paying NRA dues. After meeting Ted Nugent at one of your events, I ended up getting involved with his organization and now I'm an outdoor writer. I've been a Republican since getting "involved" and taking part in the great process and responsibility of being a citizen.

I wish you'd run for the White House, sir. I'm now willing to switch parties. Maybe we can foster growth in the area of preserving our Constitution.

How do I join the Libertarian Party? I live in the Rome, GA area.